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Maximizing Your Business Exposure with Vehicle Branding: A Guide to Wrapping Your Fleet

You may immediately launch a marketing campaign on wheels using vehicle branding. Professionally created car wraps can assist your company in gaining a following among clients who frequently see your branded fleet wraps.

A car wrap also increases customer awareness of your brand and your services. Because your target market is aware of your company name and location, vehicle branding company in Dubai can help you connect with them and increase their likelihood that they will make a purchase from you.

Discover more effective calls to action for your vehicle wraps.

What is meant by Vehicle Branding?

In vehicle branding, vinyl graphics are applied to all or a portion of a company car or other vehicle. In fact, practically any graphic that advertises your firm counts. It doesn't have to be a whole vehicle branding; it also comprises full-sized car wraps and logo stickers. Additionally, fleet branding might change depending on the type of vehicle, the specific marketing plan used, the target market, and the budget that has been set.

Let’s see some of their advantages it has on your business.

Benefits of Vehicle Branding:


Vehicle wrapping is regarded as a type of Out Of Home advertising (OOH Advertising). It is, in essence, a type of advertisement we constantly encounter outside of our houses. Driving your work vehicle around town gives you the chance to promote your brand.

Many vehicle branding company in Dubai claims that you can obtain more than 100 impressions per mile. This implies that for every mile you travel to a job or delivery location, your firm name is seen by more than 100 people.


Other outdoor advertising need ongoing updating, which incurs ongoing costs. Vehicle graphics are a good investment and may last for at least 5 years at a low cost.

A full wrap is a two-for-one deal because it protects your car as well. The cost of designing a vehicle wrap is one-time compared to other forms of advertising.

Positive Effect on Brand

It has been demonstrated that a person's memory will keep information more effectively the more times they see it. When consumers need your services, seeing your personalised vehicle wraps around town can help them remember the company name.

Your business can develop brand identification through vehicle wrapping in a variety of methods. Your company's colours and logo can be used in the design of your vehicle wrap.

Targets Audience

You probably spend a lot of time parked at a job site if you own any form of service-based firm.

Whether you work in the construction industry, the cleaning of windows, food delivery, dog grooming, or the automotive industry, branding your vehicle not only lets people know who you are but also creates a marketing opportunity that could result in a referral.

Do’s and Don’ts of Vehicle Branding:

1.     Less is More

This is true in many aspects of life, including vehicle branding. Avoid the urge to overstuff your vehicle graphics with a variety of diverse photos and excessive text.

This will not only appear unattractively "busy," but it will also have less of an impact, which means that your vehicle wraps won't be seen as much overall. The text should, as a general rule, occupy no more than 15% or 20% of the entire design space.

2.     Stick to Small Range of Colors

In general, for a sleek and streamlined appearance, it's ideal to utilise a small selection of complementary colours that differ from one another.

Ideally, these would be hues connected to your company's brand.

3.     Use High Resolution Images

If you've chosen to include photographs as part of your vehicle wrapping, it should be obvious that the photos are of a professional calibre.

Therefore, any photos utilised must have a high resolution, such as 300 dpi or above. Therefore, be careful while selecting your images because anything with low resolution won't function.

4.     Bigger Fonts Sizes

It's crucial to keep in mind that fleet models are, of course, constantly in motion when branding vehicles.

As a result, there is an extra problem with these vinyl graphics in terms of ensuring that pedestrians and other road users can read them readily. To aid with this, you might want to think about making the typeface as large as you dare.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Any brand will stand out with the help of amazing graphic design and really well-done vehicle wrap. This is where Bandwidth can help you with.

Awe-inspiring visuals for your vehicle can be created with our assistance, capturing people’s attention immediately. We employ cutting-edge, modern technology as the best vehicle wrap company to produce cutting-edge designs for automobiles.

Things to Know About Branding Your Company Vehicles