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Bandwidth Advertising L.L.C. is your one-stop, full-service marketing agency with great creative experience and successful campaigns for hundreds of local, national companies, organizations, and non-profits
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Acrylic Fabrication

We are working closely with MNC’s, interior companies, consultants, architects and exhibition companies to understand their needs for display stands, kiosks, podiums and product displays. We are equipped with all in-house facilities to do standard acrylic fabrication in a speedy yet accurate manner.

Acrylic Laser Cutting

Acrylic laser cutting is a type of laser cutting that cuts a digital design into acrylic fabric materials. Bandwidth provides refined finished products in this industry.

CNC Cutting

CNC (computer numerical control machines) are widely used in manufacturing industry.

Display Stands

Display stands are a most aesthetic business marketing tool for the simple reason – they act as a direct way of communicating to the exact target audience. Display stands play a major role in promoting any business. It is a traditional means of promotion, yet the most impactful one. Important characteristics of display stands are appearance, easy transportation, and disassembly. Exhibition stands are designed for large public events and exhibitions.


We are equipped with latest CNC machines, Laser engravers and all new etching machine with years of expertise to make any sophisticated design transformed into Metal, wood, acrylic etc.


We are equipped with latest CNC machines, Laser engravers and all new etching machine with expertise to make any sophisticated design transformed in to Metal, wood, acrylic etc.

Exhibition Stands

We work alongside with leading companies and production houses to meet their signage and graphics requirements on exhibition stands to woo the crowds. Also we do POS display and acrylic fabrication for the exhibitors.


Bandwidth advertising has the unparalleled engineering expertise to design kiosks for your unique market.No exhibition is complete without our digitized information Kiosks. We provide touch screen information kiosks across different sectors such as wholesale, retail, hotels, real estates etc.

Metal Laser Cutting

Metal laser cutting is a contemporary design solution to carve patterns into metals for decorative purposes, corporate laser cutting, feature displays, and architectural concepts.


Bandwidth provides sophisticated clear acrylic podiums or floor lecterns for conference halls, class rooms etc. Our variety of selections will give an enduring impression on audience.

Sand Blasting

Sand blasting is a method to clear or etch a design on surfaces by propelling fine sand at high velocity. In decorating glass, sandblasting is a most popular technique. This method is used in construction, cleaning and renovation efforts. Contact Metroplus for affordable sandblasting services.