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LED Signs

The most sophisticated & modern revolution in the signage industry. The unparalleled quality and equally distributed even illumination make the LED sign systems the best & superior signage solution available today. This futuristic technology is Cost Effective With replacement costs only on every 5 or more years, low electrical bills, and an affordable purchase price. Bandwidth Advertising LED sign products are a very cost-effective solution for your signage requirements.

Services: Brightluxx, Smart LED Signs, Siber Digital Display, Miracle LED, Vista.

Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs were majority of signs manufactured ranging from airport signs, road signs, hospital signs, educational institution signs, government building signs, tower signs, shop front signs, warehouse signs, directional signs etc. Outdoor signs are meant to be for bigger appearance and maximize reach to the customers.

Services: Building Signs, Hospital Signs, Petrol Stations, School Signs, Shopping Malls.

Indoor Signs

Indoor signs mainly comprise the shop front signs, indoor shopping mall signs, push-through signs, visual merchandising signs, directional signs, etc. It can be made with traditional sign materials like neon, Pana flex, acrylic, wood, metal, aluminum composite panels, and new innovative technologies like LED, fiber optics, electro luminescent, etc.

Services: Banks & Exchange Signs, Clinic & Pharmacy Signs, Jewellery Signs, Fashion Retail Stores, Super Market Signs.

Architectural Signs

Custom architecture signs can be fabricated to your exact specifications and needs. Whether monument or building identification or illuminated or need for an electronic billboard and message center, all exterior signs are made of long lasting materials and finishes. We work simultaneously with Designers/ Shop fitters/ Architects to come up with the best and most real-world signage solutions.

Services: Special Projects, Structural Signs.

Way Finding Signs

WayfindinWayfinding signs are useful to guide people to their destinations. VISTA MODULAR CURVED FRAMES TECHNOLOGY SIGN SYSTEM. A very modern and contemporary Sign System. VISTA from the USA, which Is a total wayfinding solution for the visitors to any project site or building.

Services: Airport Way Finding Systems, Buildings Wayfinding, Commercial Places, Hospitals, Public Places, Shopping Malls

Neon Signs

Neon Signage is made using tubes that contain low-density neon gas. They are available in a wide range of colors and are very useful due to their durability. We provide open neon letter type signage and many more; the long life of neon signs provided a practical market. These are used everywhere including in homes.

Services: Building Exterior Lighting, Cove Lighting, Open Neon Signs, Outdoor Signs, Special Projects.

Pylons, Uni-Poles & Totem Signs

These impressive freestanding signs give your customers advance notice of your location  and increase your company’s exposure. Creating a new pylon sign can be a daunting project, but the professionals at Bandwidth sign can help. From navigating zoning laws and permits to deciding what materials and technology best suit your needs, the Sign Systems team will make sure your new pylon sign a solution for the long term.

Services: Pylones, Totems, Uni-Poles

Restaurant & Hotel Signs

As being the pioneers in LED sign system, we have an amazing track record of working with world class restaurants and hotels. We have got long term tie-up with renowned brands and we are seeking long term alliance with the corporate conglomerates looking for quality signagesat anaffordable price and on time.

Services: Restaurant Signs, Hotel Signs, Food Court Signs, Clubs & Spa

Office Signs

Office signs are signature signs to represent the office name and logo on the lobby, corridor of the building, entrances, lift, elevator areas. We offer both indoor and outdoor office signage systems. Custom lobby signs and exterior corporate signs reflect certain image to your clients. Choose from a wide range of Bandwidth office signs.

Services: Directory Signs, Reception Signs, Vinyl Signs.

Safety & Traffic Signs

As the world gets crowded with enormousnetworks of roads,signage system in this sector for safety is indispensable. Here, the prominence of our product as wesupplylasting, low energy consuming traffic signage systems. We create all forms of signage including 3D Lettering.

Services: Hazard Signs, Information Signs, Safety Signs, Traffic Signs

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